About Us

Aysha Hospital is a medical centre with state-of-the-art infrastructure, offering clinical and medical solutions for complex conditions. Established in 1985, Aysha Hospital has been recognized for its empathetic patient care and fair practises . Built from the nifty leadership of Dr.Irshad, who has modelled a holistic multi-speciality hospital providing services for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ailments.


Aysha Hospital was envisioned by the Chief Managing Director and Founder , Dr.Irshad to provide qualitative healthcare to members from every section of the society. For 3 decades Aysha Hospital is Celebrated for its compassionate service towards its patients and the community. It continues to walk on higher grounds by instating cutting edge technologies and offering impartial patient care.


We Commit to 'TOTAL HEALTH CARE' to all our patients. We treat patients and their caregivers with compassion, care and understanding.We Proactively support each other and operate as a well oiled machine, We respect and value people at all levels with different opinions, experiences and backgrounds. We put our patients needs before department / self interest.


We act responsibly and take pride in our actions and go beyond the call of duty to deliver on our commitment of ‘Total Health care’. We believe in Continuous improvement and innovation to exceed expectations. We Adopt a 'yes we can’ attitude and challenge ourselves to do things differently.

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